Thu Apr 27, 2017

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Who is Callie Graphics?

Callie Graphics came to be in the Fall of 2002. Callie Soden worked for her parents at a local hobby shop, Hobbies 'N Stuff. Her Dad, Stan, had the opportunity to purchase a used vinyl cutter from a customer. After much discussion, they decided that it would be a worth while investment for the business and a great service to their customers. The original plan was to offer simple things, AMA #'s, lettering and basic designs (stars, stripes, etc.). Once Callie started using the machine, she realized that they could do much more!

An employee asked if she might be able to do something for his R/C helicopter. Callie figured, why not? They purchased some fluorescent orange and carbon fiber vinyl and out came the very first Callie Graphics heli design, the Rippin' Raptor (seen left). The employee loved it and showed his flying buddies. The Hot Rod Raptor and Stylus Raptor soon followed. At that point Callie figured she might as well put the designs on the stores web site. With that and an ad online, Callie Graphics started selling across the country, and then across the world! Of course more designs started to follow for all different types of helis. Callie Graphics heli designs can be seen all over the US and in countries like the UK, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Kuwait, China, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and more!

But why stop with just helis? Hobbies N' Stuff's main draw was R/C airplane pilots. Callie started working with Pat Tritle of Pat's Custom Models. Pat is a well know custom model builder with his designs all over the world as well. The first set Callie did for Pat was for his Mr. Mulligan kit. Just like with the helis, the response was great! The line of airplane decals is as vast as the helis. She's done all sorts: Fokker's, Waco's, 30's Racers, Cessna's, DC-6's, bombers, sport planes, the list goes on and on!

Pat also helped get Callie's feet wet with R/C boats. From Chriscraft's, to tug boats, fishing boats, Formula racers, shallow V's, and battleships, Callie's done them all.

Callie decided after a few years that the graphics business could support itself, so she moved her business into her home.  She also knew that her parents were looking forward to retirement, and had made the hard decision to sell Hobbies 'N Stuff.

Over the years the graphics business had continued to grow.  Callie's husband Matt decided to go to work for Callie Graphics as well in 2011!  This allowed Callie and Matt to pursue their dream of living in the country and getting away from city life.  They purchased land in a very remote part of New Mexico, and spent the next three years, every weekend, building their own home and new office on their land.  The new office is powered via satellite internet, and is a little slice of heaven for Callie and Matt!  They never could have achieved this dream without all their wonderful customers!  They feel truly blessed to enjoy what they do for a living, live in a very peaceful quite place surrounded by nature and their animals, and look forward to continue making graphics for a long time to come!



Callie with her kids, Enzo and Bandit.