Thu Apr 27, 2017

We have lots more schemes on file!
If you are looking for something that isn't listed here, drop us a line.  Chances are good that we have it!


Our Materials


We use only the highest grade vinyl available from 3M Products. It is .002 mil thick. It goes around many different compound curves which makes it perfect for the R/C industry. It also can go over rivets and panel lines without covering them.

The vinyl is also fuel resistant. In most cases a clear coat is not necessary. However, if you choose to clear coat your model, it accepts it very well. (except for Sig Dope, do not clear coat with it, cracks will appear!)

Many different colors are available and they match most of the covering products available on the market today. You can see what colors are available here.

Most fonts can be cut as small as 1/4" in height. Or we can cut up to 24" tall! And of course everything in between.