Custom Work

Don't see what you are looking for on our site?  Don't worry, we do custom work all of the time! 

Our main goal is to offer high quality graphics, at an affordable price for model airplanes, boats, helicopters and cars.  Custom doesn't have to mean expensive.  Everyone should be able to make the model of their dreams, and not have to settle on the graphics that came with their kit. Make your model stand out at the field!

Our files are full of many years of accumulated artwork which means we'll often have what you are looking for on file already!  All we typically need is a photo and/or description of what you'd like, along with the dimensions of your model and we can get a free price quote for you. Check out Our Process page to get an idea of how we create custom sets.     

If you would like an airplane scheme that isn't listed on our site, feel free to Contact Us with a photo of the scheme you would like to do.  We would be happy to make it up for you!  For popular planes such as the P-51, Spitfire, Corsair, Bf-109, etc. we usually don't charge a custom artwork fee as long as you want a scale scheme.  This means many custom sets are priced the same as our stock sets. This allows you to get the exact scheme you'd like and helps us build our inventory.

We also are more than happy to sell partial sets.  If all you need is a set of nose art, no problem.  Just the insignias? Sure!  Perhaps you've damaged a graphic from a set you bought in the past? We can replace just that graphic!  There is no need to purchase an entire set if you only need an item or two from it.

Some of the custom items we typically do in addition to aircraft schemes are:

  • AMA and registration numbers
  • Personalized nose art
  • Transom names for model boats
  • Club logo stickers to hand out at your event or club meeting
  • Personalized graphics for your car window or field box
  • Pilot names
  • ID labels
  • Full scale vehicle and trailer graphics
  • Any non-R/C related items you can think of!  We've helped many of our customers with graphics for their business, kids sports, etc.  If our machines can do it, we're happy to make up just about anything for you!

We also save all of our artwork files in case you ever need a reprint in the future!

Already have your own artwork?  We can usually work from that as well.  We can accept:

  • Corel Draw .cdr files
  • Adobe .pdf and .ai files
  • .eps and .png files
  • and of course .jpg files


Have any questions?  Don't hesitate to ask!