Custom Work

Don't see what you are looking for on our site?  Don't worry, we do custom work all of the time for remote controlled aircraft! 

If you would like a scheme that is not listed on our website, all we typically need is a photo of the scheme you'd like to do, along with the length and wingspan of your plane.   With this info we can usually get get a price quote for you. Check out Our Process page to get an idea of how we create custom sets.     

Pricing depends on the complexity of the scheme, and the quality of the photos sent for reference.  Some jobs we won't be able to do, due to lack of good quality photos.  This can often be the case with obscure WWI and WWII aircraft.  If you aren't sure if the documentation you have is good enough or not, feel free to contact us and we'll let you know if we can help you.

Due to very high demand for custom work, we have a wait time on all custom orders, anywhere between 2-4 weeks, depending on our current work load. Your custom order will be added to our list once payment is received. Payment is required up front for all custom work.  Due to our high work load, we are not able to do rush orders.  All custom work is first come, first serve.

We also are more than happy to sell partial sets!
If all you need is a set of nose art, no problem.  Just the insignias? Sure!  Perhaps you've damaged a graphic from a set you bought in the past? We can replace just that graphic!  There is no need to purchase an entire set if you only need an item or two from it.

We also save all of our artwork files in case you ever need a reprint in the future!

Already have your own artwork?  We can usually work from that as well.  We can accept:

  • Corel Draw .cdr files
  • Adobe .pdf and .ai files
  • .eps and .png files
  • and of course .jpg files


Have any questions?  Don't hesitate to ask!