Scale Help

Not sure what scale your model is?  It is easy to figure out! 

All you'll need to do is find the wingspan of the plane you are modeling.  Typically a quick internet search will provide you with that information. 

Let's do an example, the P-51 Mustang.

A quick internet search brought me to Wikipedia and tells me the full scale P-51 Mustang has a wingspan of 37'.  To convert that to inches, just multiply 37x12.  That will give us a full scale wingspan of 444".  Now, all you need to do is divide that number by the wingspan of your model.  Let's say the wingspan of your model is 55". 

  • 444 divided by 55" = 8.0727 
  • This means your model is 1/8th scale

Not all models have an even scale though.  Many times they will fall in-between a scale.  Let's try the P-47 next.  The full scale P-47 has a wingspan of 40' 9".  This time we'll take 40x12, and then add the extra 9" to get our full scale P-47 wingspan, 489".  Now lets say our P-47 model also has a wingspan of 55"

  • 489 divided by 55" = 8.890
  • This means your model is 1/8.89 scale
  • This is of course close to 1/9th scale, but not exact

If your model falls in-between scales like this, we can easily size any of our graphics sets to your models exact specifications.  In the case above, you can just order the 1/9th scale set, and then leave us a note that it needs to be adjusted to your models exact measurements.  There is no extra charge for this!   

Let's say your model came in at 1/8.4 scale.  Then you'd want to order the 1/8th scale option instead.  Basically, just round up or down accordingly. 

And as always, if you have any questions, please Contact Us!  We are here to help!