B-24 Calvert 'N Coke Graphics Set

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On 12 November 1943, "Calvert 'n Coke" was assigned a typical 10+ hour operational sortie over the Bay of Biscay.  During the mission she encountered U-508, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Georg Staats, apparently running on the surface out of Lorient.  Little is known about the combat that ensued, but the encounter took place on the evening of the 12th, north of Cape Ortegal, Spain, at approximately 46.00N, 07.30W.  The only radio call from the PB4Y-1 was "Am over enemy submarine in position…", followed by silence.  What is known is that both the PB4Y-1 and U-508 were lost with all hands, a total of 67 men on both sides.  U-508 was on her 6th patrol, having sunk 14 Allied ships for a total of 74,087 Gross Registered Tons.  Killed in action aboard "Calvert 'n Coke" that day were the following U.S. Navy personnel:


                                    Lt (jg) Ralph Brownell (aircraft commander)

                                    Ens. Daniel Schneider

                                    CAP Kendall Poole

                                    AMM1c William English

                                    AMM2c George Simpson, Jr.

                                    ARM1c Bobbie Holladay

                                    AMM3c Walter Meroney

                                    AOM2c Charles McClung

                                    AOM2c Leland Eitel

                                    S1c Walter Rogers, Jr.