B-25 Heavenely Body Graphics Set

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The B-25J-25-NC SN 44-30748 now flying as "Heavenly Body" was delivered on February 20, 1945 and initially stored at South Plains, Texas. She was moved to Pyote, Texas in July of 1947. Her first assignment was Barksdale Field, Georgia in November of 1948. She was reassigned to Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma in June of 1949. Her next assignment was October of 1951 to Reese Air Force Base. She went through a Hayes modification in 1955. After modification, she was assigned to a training wing at Reese Air Force Base. In December of 1958, she was flown to storage. On May 19, 1959, she was sold to Ace Smelting of Phoenix, Arizona. A civil registration was initially reserved as N3447G, but was never used. She was then sold to Alson-Niblock Flying, Inc. and her current registration of N8195H was assigned. In December of 1959, she was sold to Christler and Avery Aviation of Greybull Wyoming. In January of 1960, Agricultural hopper and spray bars were installed. In Late 1969, she was sold to Filmways, Inc. of Hollywood, California for use in the movie "Catch 22". She was prepared and operated by Tallmantz Aviation of Santa Ana, California. In August of 1971, she was sold to Milan S. Pupich, George S. Pupich and Stephen H Crowe, Jr in March of 1972. She was restored to airworthy. In April of 1972, she was one of two B-25s that launched off the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Ranger to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid. In January of 2014, she was sold to the Erickson Aircraft Collection.