B-25 Lazy Daisy Mae Graphics Set

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The "LAZY DAISY MAE" and squadron mate "CACTUS KITTEN" both B-25J-11 Mitchell Bombers of the 501st Bomb Squadron, 345th Bomb Group maneuvered  wildly in their deadly bid to contest Japanese coastal shipping in late 1944. The 345th "AIR APACHES", which were based in Biak, West New Guinea in October of 1944, perfected the hazardous art of low-level destruction against the ever diminishing presence of the Japanese naval and merchant fleets.

2nd Lt. Roman Ohnemus had the honor of piloting  "LAZY DAISY MAE" during the first landing of a B-25  in the Philippines after MacArthur's successful return.  On October 28th, 1944, 2nd Lts Ohnemus and Jay Moore flew 345th Group HQ staff members to Tacloban on Leyte shortly after the capture of the airstrip there.  The "LAZY DAISY MAE" was to disappear mysteriously from a 345th Group formation while on a mission to support the invasion of Luzon on 9 January, 1945.  It was never heard from again.