C-47 Skytrain Swamp Rat Graphics Set

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On January 6, 1943 this C-47 was one of ten that took off from Hamilton Field Piloted by 2nd Lt. Kenneth A. Young on a flight for  Hickam Field. Departed on January 9, 1943 for Christmas Island. January 10, 1943 to Canton Island. January 11, 1943 to Nadi Airfield and departed on January 14, 1943 bound for Plaines des Gaiacs and encountered a storm along the way. On January 15, 1943 departed for Amberley Field

In Australia, assigned to the 5th Air Force. Maintenance was performed at Archerfield Airfield. On January 17, 1943 departed for Townsville. On January 18, 1943 departed for  5 Mile Drome (Wards) near Port Moresby and assigned to the 347th Troop Carrier Group, 6th Troop Carrier Squadron. 

This C-47 was assigned to the 2nd Echelon with crew of pilot 2nd Lt. Kenneth Young, Co-pilot 2nd Lt. Ear E. Winters, Navigator 2nd Lt. Frank S. Smith, Radio Cpl Leroy V. Nolan and crew chief Sgt Charles E. Westerfield. By the end of 1943, this C-47 had flown 97.1 hours total in the Squadron.

After the loss of C-47 "Swamp Rat" 41-38601, this C-47 was nicknamed "Swamp Rat II". This version featured the same rat, but was angled downward and a bent tail, with "II" next to the name. Assigned nose number 62, which was painted in large numbers behind both sides of the cockpit.

A photograph taken during April 1943 shows this C-47 flying to Wau escorted by P-39 Airacobras from the 41st Fighter Squadron.

On January 20, 1944 this C-47 was feried back to the United States. 

Transferred to RFC on October 2, 1945. Sold to Air Cargo Transport Corporation as a civlian aircraft with registration NC13726. Later, this registration was canceled, fate unknown. Likely, this C-47 was scrapped or otherwise disappeared.