FW-190 Yellow 4 Graphics Set

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Fw-190A-4 WNr 746 flow by Siegfried "Wumm" Schnell was a highly successful ace of JG 2, and a long-time commander of 9/JG 2. He flew 500 combat missions and scored 90 victories over the Channel front in 1940-1943 period. Three of the victories were scored against US heavy bombers. But in February 1944 he was posted to JG 54 fighting against Soviets, and was immediately killed by Soviet fighters having added only three kills to his credit! It was really unpleasant surprise to Jagdwaffe that such crack veteran ace fell under Soviet guns so quickly.

During his career Schnell flew Bf-109s, and scored ca. 60 kills with them, but in 1942 his Staffel switched to Fw-190s, and since then Schnell had been scoring with Würgers.

 Photo by Todd Davis