P-40 1st PS, Adam And Eve #7 Graphics Set

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P-40C (Hawk 81A-2)
Unit: 1st PS "Adam and Eve", AVG (American Volunteer Group)
Serial: 7
Kunming, China, June 1942. Flown by First Squadron Leader Robert Neale, 15 kills with the Flying Tigers and the top American ace at the time the group was disbanded.

A Seattle resident, Bob Neale was a dive-bomber pilot on Saratoga when he joined the AVG. He took over the 1st Squadron Adam & Eves after Sandy Sandell was killed, and was decorated by the British government (Distinguished Service Order) for his exploits in Burma. Awarded the Ten Star Wing Medal by the Chinese. Neale was one of the pilots who volunteered two weeks' additional service in China after the group was disbanded; during that interim, he commanded the U.S. Army's 23rd Fighter Group--as a civilian!--pending the arrival of the designated commander, Colonel Robert Scott. After returning to the States, he served as a civilian transport or ferry pilot for Pan American World Airways. Postwar, he returned to Seattle and ran a fishing resort until his death in 1994. The AVG records credit him with 13 air-to-air victories:

    23 Jan 1942: 1 Ki-27 Nate fighter
    24 Jan 1942: 2 Ki-21 Sally bombers
    26 Jan 1942: 1 Ki-27 Nate fighter
    6 Feb 1942: 1 Ki-27 Nate fighter
    25 Feb 1942: 4 Ki-27 Nate fighters
    26 Feb 1942: 3 Ki-27 Nate fighters
    3 May 1942: 1 Ki-15? observation plane

Photo by Mike Damiani