P-47 Balls Out Graphics Set

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Republic P-47D-30-RA Thunderbolt of 509th Fighter Squadron, 405th Fighter Group (France 1945) ‘Balls Out’ flown by Capt. Milt Thompson.

Capt. Milton William Thompson (1920-1952). He was a veteran of 91 missions during World War II and received many decorations. He was killed when his fighter plane exploded and fell flaming to the ground near Mansfield, OH.

The pursuit ship was in a flight of four P-47's en route from Eglin AFB in Florida to Selfridge Field, MI.  The planes from the 136th Fighter Interceptor Squadron bsed at Niagara Falls, NY were returning from gunnery practice at Eglin.  Selfride field officers reported that Thompson attempted an emergency landing after the engine conked out at 8,000 feet.  The plane blew up and crashed in flames.