P-47 German Capture "Beetle" Graphics Set

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P-47D-2-RA 'Beetle’
Unit: Sond.Aufkl.St.103 (ex 358 FS)
Serial: YF+U
Ex-358 FS. The Germans painted the engine cowl and prop spinner red and added Balkenkreuz and a Swaztika. However the US olive drab and neutral grey color scheme was retained along with the original US aircraft code. A very small section of the original US white cowl ring band has retained immediately adjacent to the Beetle cartoon character. Beetle was later repainted with US markings for use in a Nazi propaganda film, and although the cowling ring was repainted white to match the original US markings, a portion of the cowl was left red (the remaining red band was approximately the width of the Beetle cartoon character; the character was not painted over). The Germans also painted a horizontal white band on the tail fin, which was not part of the original US marking scheme. Later, Beetle was repainted in German markings and received the code 7+9 while under evaluation at Rechlin.