P-47 Lady Grace Graphics Set

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1st Lt Lawrence “Larry” Marsch reported to the “Panzer Dusters”, 395th Fighter Squadron of the 368th Fighter Group, in November 1944.  Being a 9th Air Force P-47 unit, the squadron spent most days attacking ground targets in support of the Allied advance to Berlin.  On January 14, 1945, he scored his sole aerial victory over an Me-109.  

His aircraft was a P-47D-30-RA, serial number 44-32793 and coded A7-J Bar.  It had the standard European Theater black identification bands on the tail and horizontal stabilator of a natural finished P-47s.  The 368FG marking was the yellow tip on the tail.  The 395FS aircraft were designated by the red cowl ring trailing off to a point below the cockpit.  All bubble top 368FG P-47s had the added anti-glare panel painted behind the cockpit, though sources vary whether it was olive drab or black in color.

Larry named his aircraft for his soon to be wife, Grace.   They would marry in 1945 and have 13 kids!  As of 2019, he is 98 years old and living in Wisconsin.  He’s an outstanding example of the Greatest Generation!

Photo by Jeff  Hanke - "My model has a little bit of modeler’s license as his aircraft would likely not have had the under wing and fuselage invasion stripes (both deleted by order by Jan 1, 1945) when he scored his aerial victory (Jan 14,1945).  "