P-51D Marinell Graphics Set

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The aircraft was built with the serial number 44-13521 and was assigned to the 339th FG in June 1944, and to the 504th FS receiving its coding 5Q-B.

The aircraft was named Marinell by Captain Bradford V. Stevens from Hood River, Oregon, to whom it was assigned. The aircraft was lost on 13th August 1944 when being flown by 2/Lt Myer B. Winkleman, during a fighter sweep/bombing mission against the marshalling yards at St. Quentin, Fonguenias, Beauvias and St. Omer. The aircraft was last seen attempting a belly landing north of Paris.

The history of the aircraft is unclear until it was recovered from a local scrapyard by Didier Chable as a museum exhibit in the mid ’70s. The aircraft was acquired by Maurice Hammond in 1998 and was restored and test flown in 2008, its first flight since 1944.