P-51D Was That Too Fast Graphics Set

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1950: Dec 4, Uruguayan AF FAU 265
1960: Museo de Aeronautica, Montevideo Uruguay
1985: Dante Heredia, Montevideo Uruguay
1985: shipped to USA, N51TE, Tyrone Elias, Tulsa OK
1985: restoration
1994: N151JT, John Turgyan, New Egypt NJ
2011: Restoration proceeding at Midwest Aero Restorations as "Passion Wagon". Mike V. always produces award winning restorations.
2012: Sep 13, N151JT, Jon Vesely, Scottsdale AZ
2013: Jul 14, First Flight in Post-War Sharks-Mouth Paint! "Was That Too Fast”
2013: Jul 29, debut at EAA Oshkosh with bombs and rockets
2013: Aug 03, EAA Airventure Grand Champion Post WWII! Congrats to Jon Vesely and Midwest Aero Restorations
2014: Aug 07, sale, Lawrence Classics LLC, Bentonville AR


Photo by Carl Stewart