P-51B Red Tails "By Request" Graphics Set

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The story of the Tuskegee Airmen began in 1942 with thirteen graduates at  Tuskegee  Army  Air  Field and Capt  Benjamin O. Davis Jr. was one of them.  In all, 992 pilots graduated with 450 serving overseas with the 332nd Fighter Group.  The 332nd FG was unique in the fact that it was the only all-black fighter group to see combat during World War II.   The group had a distinguished war record.  It received over 1,000 individual awards and decorations and also accounted for 261enemy aircraft destroyed.   The 332nd  was a highly effective bomber escort group.  Its reputation for fighter escort duties was legendary.  The 332nd was the preferred fighter escort unit by  15th Air Force Bomber Groups and was specifically requested by bomber group commanders .    It  never lost a bomber to enemy fighters during the war.   During the war Benjamin O Davis rose to the rank of Colonel and became the Group commander.  He named his personal Red Tailed Mustang “By Request”

Photo by Ray Manuel